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Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Services NYC at York City Rug Cleaning. We pride ourselves in providing an expert, professional oriental rug cleaning service in NYC. We have years of experience in the area rug cleaning field. We offer the highest standard, quality area rug cleaning services.

Area rugs are unique pieces of art in your home; we at New York City Rug Cleaning understand that and will take the utmost care and attention in cleaning your favorite area rugs using very mild cleaning agents that are highly effective yet gentle, helping your rugs look new and beautiful again.

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New York City Rug Cleaning also offers free area rug cleaning pick-up and delivery to all locations in NYC.

We are dedicated to providing you with honest, professional service. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the cleaning we have provided, we will offer you a free redo or a full refund.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

An Oriental rug is a term used in the carpet industry to define hand knotted and hand woven rugs made from silk, wool and/or cotton in the Orient – Asia. Today there are many oriental design rugs. The term “Oriental Rug” has become wider and includes hand knotted and a hand woven rugs from the Orient (East), the Occident (West) and other parts of the world.

There are ten main types of oriental rugs: Persian Rugs, Asian Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Turkestani Rugs, Arab Rugs, Anatolian Rugs, Caucasian Rugs, Tibetan Rugs, Indian Rugs and Kurdish Rugs.

Hand woven and hand knotted rugs are considered works of art as they manifest different cultures and traditions, religious faiths and ancient motifs in their aesthetic.

Your beautiful oriental rug can last for a very long time but it will need care. We at New York City Rug Cleaning offer you complete Oriental rug care services, from Oriental rug cleaning to Oriental rug repair.

Although vacuuming your rug regularly is essential, it simply won’t achieve thorough cleaning. Dirt from deep within the pile cannot be reached by a vacuum and can cause premature wear, the rug will need to be professionally cleaned.

All Types of Area Rugs from Synthetic Rugs to Oriental Rugs

We clean all types of rugs, from Synthetic Rugs to Cotton, Silk, and fine Wool Rugs; Persian, Turkish Kilim, Chinese,  from Contemporary Rugs to Traditional Oriental Rugs.

The Right Process for Your Area Rug

We recommend professional rug cleaning for your oriental rug once every three years in order to preserve its natural beauty.

Our trained and experienced technician will determine the cleaning process appropriate for your specific rug based on its type, age and condition. Our cleaning approach combines old techniques and new technology when it comes to rug care. All area rug cleaning services come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Providing you with high quality, expert Oriental rug cleaning services. New York City Rug Cleaning have years of experience in the Oriental rug cleaning and repair field. We have a team of the experienced and highly skilled technicians that will take care of your precious oriental rug using the right cleaning process combining traditional cleaning techniques and new methods for your specific rug based on its fibers, condition and age. We are the Oriental rug cleaning company in New York you can trust!

  • Rug Washing Process –


    (dust and soil removal)

  • Soaking Process

    in order to remove soil, odors, and spots. In some cases, we will soak a rug overnight in order to remove and eliminate smells such as cat urine.

  • Stain Treatment for tough spots

    (some stains are permanent, and the rug will need to undergo a color restoration process.)

  • Shampoo Wash

  • Complete Wash and Rinse of the Rug

    (the rug is completely rinsed with fresh water.)

  • Drying Process in a temperature controlled room

  • Rug Repairs

    (if requested by the customer)

  • Brushing and Grooming Process

  • Final Inspection

  • Rolling and packaging

Wool Rug Cleaning Services

Wool rugs are considered to be floor decoration bringing our home elegance and warmth.

Throughout the years Wool have been very dominant in the rug industry. Rugs made out of wool have many advantages, they absorb sound and moister, and they are highly resistant to heat, and help to isolate our home on a cold day. Woolen rugs may be known for their outstanding durability and versatility. As wool fibers are naturally strong but they are also prone to gathering dust, grime, and liquid stains, depending on where you decide to place them. If you want to avoid any messy scenarios, one of the most important things that you need to do is to make that effort to know more about how you can properly care for your rugs.

New York City Rug Cleaning provide our customers top professional wool rug cleaning and repair services in NYC helping to keep your rugs beautiful, vibrant and in prime condition. Our wool rug cleaners are highly trained and experienced and will treat your wool rugs with care and attention.

Silk Rug Cleaning Services

Silk carpets have a fine texture and vibrant, glowing beauty. Although fine silk area rugs are durable, they are hard to maintain when it comes to cleaning.

There are varieties of silk area rugs: Turkish silk rugs, Persian silk rugs, Chinese silk rugs and more. They come in many designs such as Allover design (a repeated theme). Medallion design (symmetrical), One-sided design (single direction) and in many patterns such as nature motifs, cultural motifs, religious symbols and more.

Antique Rug Cleaners

An antique hand-made area rug cleaning is a tricky job. While a certain amount of cleaning is surely necessary, that same cleaning process can further damage your rug if not done scrupulously and with the greatest care and detail.

Indeed, cleaning your antique treasure is as much of an art as was the meticulous job of weaving it into creation. A lot of people believe that the less frequently you clean an antique rug, the better off it is. No matter what kind of antique piece you own – Persian, Oriental, European or other – the older it is, the more susceptible it is to attracting dust and other air pollutants like mold and dust mites. These and other elements can not only cause deterioration to the rug but to your health, too.

Hands down, the optimal choice for cleaning your antique rug is to reach out to a professional antique area rug cleaning service.

Only experts like us have the experience needed to mildly and effectively clean all types of antique area rugs. Including the most delicate silk pieces. Our knowledge of the precise washing and restoration techniques needed to replenish what is perhaps your most treasured piece of art is incomparable. We are experts at thoroughly analyzing your antique rug to determine the exclusive cleaning treatment it needs, without putting it at risk for further damage.

Free Pick-up and Delivery Services

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