Rug Cleaning Prices, Repair & Restoration New York City, NY

 New York City Rug Cleaning Prices List:

*SQFT = Square Feet / *(LFT) = Linear feet

In Home Cleaning  Prices

Rug Steam Cleaning:

$1.35 per SqFt

Carpet Steam Cleaning:

$69 Per Room (2 Rooms Minimum)

Stains / Odor Removal


Scotch-guard (Fiber Protection) 

$2.25 per SqFt
In Plant Cleaning  Prices

Full Wash

 Call for a price

Silk Rugs, Viscose and Cotton

+$1 additional (SQ FT)

Soaking for Odor Removal

+$2.5 additional (SQ FT)

Moth Removal Lime Wash

$3.98 additional (SQ FT)
Area Rug Repair Price

Rug Blocking: 

 $1.75 (SQ FT)


$15 (LFT)

Rug Shearing: 

$2.50 (SQ FT)

Moth Proofing: 

$0.75 (SQ FT)
Area Rug Repair Price

Hand Binding: 

$15 (LFT)

Hand Fringing: 

$16 (LFT)

Machine Fringing: 

$11 (LFT)

Rug Padding: 

$1.79 (SQ FT)

By Estimate Only:  (In-Plant Stain Removals, Color Restoration)

(Holes, Corners, Missing Areas, Reweave Moth Damage, Worn areas and Refill Fringes, Patch up with Latex and Burlap, Among Others.)

Other service such as size reductions of rugs, latexing, lining are also by estimate only. 


Rug cleaning prices list nyc