Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two options for fine area rugs: in-home cleaning and in-plant cleaning.

In-home area rug cleaning: this process is similar to wall to wall carpet cleaning. We will clean the rug in your home or office.

In-plant cleaning: some carpets should undergo a complete wash. This process takes place outside of the customer’s home or office. We use a process that makes sure the cleaning fits each area rug individually. The best process for each rug is determined after evaluation of the type of rug, type of fiber, weave, and condition of the rug.

We offer hooked area rug cleaning, Flokati rug cleaning, Karastan rug cleaning, Kilim rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, Moroccan rug cleaning, Turkish rug cleaning, tribal rug cleaning, Navajo rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning, cotton rug cleaning, Edward Fields rug cleaning, Shag rug cleaning, Sheepskin rug cleaning and more.

Cleaning carpets in your home or office will eliminate any Moth on the carpet but will not take care of the larva eggs.

If there is Moth on your area rug, it will have to be picked up for a complete wash and undergo a lime wash that guarantees to kill all larva eggs on the rugs.

Carpets and rugs collect dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria and other particles. They must be cleaned and maintained regularly by a professional carpet cleaning company in order to maintain good air quality in your home and office. It is also important to maintain area rugs and carpet clean in order to maintain the integrity the carpet’s structure.

Although major carpet manufacturers and experts in the carpet field recommend carpet and area rug cleaning annually, we believe that it depends on your specific needs.

If you have kids and pets and live in a hectic environment like New York, if you suffer from allergies or have a busy office we will recommend a thorough carpet and area rug cleaning twice a year.

There are two ways for pricing carpet and rug cleaning services: per room or per square foot.

Residential wall to wall carpet cleaning is charged per room (with a limit it to a maximum size).

Commercial wall to wall carpet cleaning is charged per square foot.

Area rug cleaning is charged per Sq. Ft.

It’s important to note for ( in home cleaning ) that we offer our customers a fixed price policy. This means our rates are final and locked once they are agreed upon over the phone or via email. Our rates include all costs such as cleaning products, spot, stain and odor treatment and tax. We will not add additional charges or hidden fees.

These rates are determined by dimensions and other factors provided by the customer.

Here you will find a full and detailed price sheet of our services.

We, at New York City Rug Cleaning, use primarily green carpet cleaning solutions. We use the safest products that are both Eco and Health friendly and safe for you and your family, pets and the environment.

In some cases of rug cleaning and repair needs, we may use chemically based solutions in order to achieve desired results such as color restoration and moth elimination. This will require the customer’s approval beforehand.

“Hot Water Extraction”, this method is commonly referred to as the “Deep Steam Cleaning” or “Deep Shampoo” technique.

This cleaning process is deep and thorough and achieves best results. This is the recommended method by major carpet manufacturers. After extensive research and from our years of experience we have found this technique to be the best when it comes to wall to wall carpets and in some cases, area rugs as well.

We at New York City Rug Cleaning use a wet cleaning process.

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend the “Hot Water Extraction” (deep shampoo or deep steam cleaning) as the preferred method. Just like laundering clothing items, the wet carpet cleaning process is very effective in removing dust, dirt and other contaminants from your wall to wall carpet and area rug.

Dry cleaning is done without the use of water. The dry compound is rubbed on the carpet or rug and then vacuumed. This process might cause damage to the fibers of your carpet or rug and in our experience will not get the job done.

Normal drying time depends on several factors such as weather conditions the day of the cleaning, airflow and room temperature, type of fiber, and condition of the rug or carpet.

Allow up to 12 hours for carpets and area rugs to dry completely. In some cases, carpets may feel damp up to 24 hours.

More often than not we are able to remove all stains and odors; however, we do not guarantee stain removal as it really depends on the stain, the condition of the carpet and the type of cleaning.

If the stain is not permanent where it already changed the color of the fiber, there is a higher chance of removing it successfully by a professional carpet cleaner.

We have years of experience with carpet stain and odor removal. From pet urine to food stains. Contact us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible in order to increase our chances of removing the stains.

We have a great deal of experience dealing with all kinds of spots, stains, and odors. From pet urine to food and wine stains.

Yes. New York City Rug Cleaning has a minimum charge is $99 due to costs of labor, travel, equipment, etc.

We will gladly move light furniture for no additional charges, however, heavier pieces of furniture are left in place and we will have to clean around the item. In the case of picking up a rug for a complete wash, heavy pieces of furniture need to be moved prior to our arrival.

For liability reasons, we will not move valuable furniture such as pool tables, china cabinets, pianos, electronic equipment or breakable items.

A wet carpet may be slippery so be careful and try to avoid walking on it. Be careful especially when walking from wet carpeted areas to another type of flooring.

Yes. When it comes to wall to wall carpets it is very important to get the carpet professionally cleaned and dried as soon as possible.

When it comes to area rugs, the rug has to be picked up for a complete wash. In some cases, it might need to undergo a soak overnight to remove any foul odor.

It is very important to handle water damaged carpets as soon as possible. Our chances of successfully saving the carpets depend on the time period the carpet was wet.

This depends on the condition of the carpet. We are able to remove soot and fire odor in most cases but when it comes to wall to wall carpets; we cannot guarantee removal of soot and odor.

When it comes to area rugs, we will recommend getting a complete rug wash and a soak overnight.

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