Oriental Area Rug Repair Services NYC

Oriental Area Rug Repair Services NYC
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Oriental Area Rug Repair Services NYC. We at New York City Rug Cleaning offer area rug repair, cleaning and rug restoration services. Tribal and decorative carpets, fine rugs, runners and tapestries across NYC.

For centuries we have decorated our home and office with beautiful colorful rugs. Quality carpets and rugs can last for generations and become a family heirloom or even an investment. Unfortunately, rugs do suffer from the occasional wear and tear through everyday use.

Timing proves crucial in dealing with oriental rug repairs. Most repairs are fairly simple to execute and inexpensive. Even severe damages can be repaired.

There are some things that need to be left in the hands of the experts, one of which is a rug repair. If you’re interested in restoring the beauty of your area rug back to its former glory call us at (212) 531-9293- New York City Rug Cleaning – a professional area rug repair company, and we will send one of our skilled technicians to inspect the damage and offer you a free consultation in the comfort of your home. We offer free rug pick- up and delivery services to all locations in New York.

Our Oriental Rug Damage Repair Service:

We can handle all of your rug repair and restoration needs from small area rugs repair to full rug restoration using ancient methods combined with new techniques.

  • Lost and Worn Fringes Repair:

    it is crucial to treat damaged fringes as soon as you notice them since fringes or tassels are the foundation strings; they run from one end of the rug to its other end. Worn fringes can cause the pile to unwind as they are considered to be a skeleton holding the fibers of the rug together. Fringe damage lost ends and worn tassels can be replaced or restored.

  • Re-Binding:

    binding is a finishing process done once the rug is hooked using side cords over the edges of the rug in order to hold the knots and end points of the rug together. When the side cord or binding is damaged it can cause the knots to unravel and undermined the original shape of the rug.

  • Spot, Stain, and Odor Removal:

    whether it’s spilled tea, dog and cat urine or a clumsy guest that poured wine on your rug, stains, and odors can be removed. The key for rug stain removal is time. The more you wait the more stable the stain gets, the colors are bleeding and the repair cost will rise. In some cases of our cleaning process will suffice in severe cases we will use textile dye and perform color restoration in order to restore the original color to the damaged area.

  • Field Repair – Rips, Tears, and Holes:

    tears and rips are usually caused by wear due to high traffic, furniture friction, water rot or our beloved dog. In order to repair this kind of damage, we use “embroidery stitching”: replacing the warp threads with the same type of wool and then re-weaving the weft threads using the same tension in the same style of the original weaving. When there are actual holes in the rug, patching might be needed although reweaving is much more recommended.

  • Moth Damage:

    usually moth damage is not visible at first since the knot holding the pile is eaten first from the back. Areas that have been damaged by moth can be rewoven to restore the rug’s natural look. When a rug has moth and larva eggs, we will do a lime treatment and wash the carpet in order to make sure both moth and eggs are completely eliminated.

  • Water Rot:

    rugs that get wet, either by an unprofessional cleaner or by water damage or even by occasional spills can develop a situation where the wet area absorb the moisture, grow mildew and eventually dry and rot.

  • Color Run:

    Discoloring on Persian and Oriental rugs can be caused by stains that were not properly treated or not treated in time, water rot and color bleeding (due to low-quality colors or due to poor rinsing prior to weaving). This situation can be treated with textile dye restoring the original colors of the rug.

  • Re-Weaving Bald Spots and Low Pile:

    over time the pile wears, the face of the rug becomes thin and the foundation of the rug begins to show, this is inevitable. When repairing low pile situation, the damaged area is unknotted and then re-knotted again.

  • Re-Stretching Curled Corners:

    when rugs are woven using too much tension in the base strings (weft strings), with time edges and corners tend to curl. In some cases, water can cause the wool or cotton fibers to shrink and the rug dries unevenly.

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New York City Rug Cleaning offer oriental rug repair, indoor and outdoor rugs, Shag rugs, contemporary, wool rugs, antique rugs, handmade rugs and machine-made area rugs, woven, silk, animal, Tibetan, southwestern, Persian rugs, sheepskin rugs, Chinese, Navajo,  flokati, play rugs, stairs runners and hall runners. Professional repair and restoration with free pick up and delivery service in New York City.

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